The Project

“Demo Day” hosted by the Chicago Community Trust included six presentations featuring innovative approaches for making our community a better place. The GenG Project featured a proposal to complement current educational efforts by bridging young scholars to careers in the booming green economy. Each Collaboratory presented to a live audience and a panel of experts. The GenG Team gained valuable connections and feedback.

It All Starts with a Spark

GenG Curriculum

The GenG Curriculum

The GenG Curriculum  inspires young scholars through sustainability curricula delivered in a creative and interactive way. The Curriculum defines the abstract concepts of sustainability and breaks down those concepts in terms scholars can embrace and understand. 

  • 10 week curriculum
  • 2 hours a week
  • Project based learning

Road Map to the Green Industry

GenG Workshops

The GenG Workshop

The GenG Workshops are a single day, intensive experiential learning platform designed to help students experience aspects of a green career. From rapid prototypes to converting a door into a bench. The GenG Workshops are hands-on and complement the GenG Curriculum. 

Building Relationships with Role Models

GenG Mentorships

The GenG Mentorship

The GenG Mentorship is a 1:1 session with GenG Scholars to empower them to be leaders for positive social impact and to provide them a means of expanding their social capital and connections in the booming green economy. By connecting  a role model from the local green economy at a critical age of student development, The GenG Project will empower a new generation of scholars to enter the low carbon economy.

Become a Volunteer

Join the GenG Community by volunteering your time and expertise to make this project a reality.

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Become a Mentor

Join the GenG 's diverse and multi-generational community and become a mentor. Scholars need role models to inspire, empower and mobilize them. Become an agent of change today.

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